Nice to meet you 🥰👋

Hello! I’m Salma (she/her), a third year neuroscience and behaviour student at Barnard College, Columbia University.

I started my design journey with visual arts and neuroscience— I grew up drawing and fascinated by the sciences. I wanted to combine my passion for creative problem-solving, critical thinking with my art and neuroscience background. UX Design allows me to stand at the beautiful intersection of creativity, strategy, and critical thinking — I want to help create experiences that bring ease and joy into other’s lives.

I love challenging myself to broaden my experiences as a designer, artist, and problem solver, especially in collaborative settings where we are growing together. 💗

Long Island City

Homecoming at Columbia University

Long Island City

Long Island City


Artwork & Design 🎨

Here is a glimpse into my studio art pieces and creative work.