How it started

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I'm interested in art, behavioural neuroscience and entrepreneurship. I wanted to create art as a mode of social justice such as bringing light to mental health awareness. In 2018, I had the pleasure of having my art displayed at New York University. I hope to continue creating artworks for advocacy of social justices.

I also enjoy creating art to express and discover my own personality and in a way, connect with others. I look forward to continuing to share my art with you and build a community with my platform here.Over the years, I’ve found passions that now fill my life with meaning - Art, Mental Health & Neuroscience.

Illustration and design have the power to capture meaning of the little joys, make global changes, and simply express ourselves. 




6 weeks 

Our Values
  • Nurture Creativity and Passion

  • Grow a Community Together

  • Celebrate Individuality and Diversity

  • Be Sustainably and Socially Conscious

  • Seek Balance

Our Mission

ArtShiNYC provides high-quality stickers, paintings and apparel designed to carry meaning and spread happiness.

Our Journey
  • Developed a virtual marketplace through Shopify to market and sell stickers, paintings and apparel personally designed

  • Utilized recordings of user interactions with site through Shopify and Google analytics tools to conduct user research and hone website design

  • Considered the role of branding and audience involvement in creating and designing layout